Member Resources

Did you know? There are currently about 400,000 living TBP members in the world. Headquarters has accurate records of about 300,000 of them. TBP hired a consulting company to investigate the expected giving capacity of these 300,000 members. Their studies estimated that about 12,000 members should be among the top 10% wealthiest people in the country. The actual number was 70,000! They also found that 15,000 members were in the top 1% of the wealthiest people in the country.

  • Exclusive JobTrak job and internship postings (email for more info)
  • TBP Association Scholarship Program, 12 $2000 scholarships for Juniors
  • TBP Fellowships, $10000 for full-time graduate study (last year 54 people applied for 35 fellowships — great odds!)
  • TBP Educational Loan Fund, loans up to $2500 at 6% interest rate
  • TBP Student Assistance Fund, no repayment required
  • TBP Laureate Award, $2500 to a member who excels in a liberal discipline
  • Engineering Futures, the goal of this program is to help engineers become the next CEOs. Companies normally pay $2000 per employee to attend these programs, but it is free for TBP members.
  • Alumni contacts for your job/internship search